Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Big Goof Fox


Today I worked with Fox a little, some education. He is like a giant kid, loving, but doesn’t understand that he is big and loves to hump everything!

I stopped by at his former Master and told him that Fox is doing great. I had a friend translate a letter that I handed over. He was very happy.

I got an e mail from the lady that found him locked into a lot with nothing to shelter in. No one gave him food. But she had to return to Wales together with 5 dogs. I, on behalf of AWL, promised we would do our best to get him out and adopted. We did this mainly because kids were mean to him, throwing rocks and gravel at him.

“I heard what you and AWL have done for Fox, thank you so much for helping him, i owe you so much. I hope the little donation i gave helped a little. ” Helene.

Helene, thank you so much for your donation, it helped getting him castrated and vaccinated together with a rabies shoot.

This is an Amore dog waiting to get a quality life.

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