Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Today’s Mission Possible


A starving cat has a huge scar over her neck. We gave her food and de-wormed her.

Stopped and checked if this Mister needed our help. He assured us he did not!

Saw some old friends, Mr. Ear and Mr. Rope, haven’t seen them in a while. Still with an ear infection and a rope hanging tight(!?) around neck. This time they were locked in. We found a phone number and Dr. Inga called. The man promised to call back tomorrow so Dr. Inga could get in and treat Mr. Ear and cut the rope off Mr. Rope.

Remember the chained dogs where their dog houses nearly got drowned by the heavy rain?

We visited the place again, one dog has gotten puppies and the mother was, thank God, released from the chain. (AWL is against chaining dogs)

We told the lady that we would take care of the dogs; spay and neuter and try to find homes for the them (we are not an adoption foundation but what do you do when you see a friend chained up?). If she wanted our help she had to let them free to us.

This is Labrador Amore. We tried to get a great picture but this loving female was so happy for affection that it was like holding jelly. This is the best picture we came up with! She is wonderful this girl.

Found roaming around in the dark five months ago. She is up for adoption. Super friendly and good looking.
Some phone calls when we returned home for some dogs to soon become “it”.

This was our morning Amore mission possible!

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