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Give Them A Great 2009


On the 28th December (for better or worse) I took into my/our care, 2 puppies. They had been abandened on the house construction site opposite our parco and a couple of children from our parco had found them.
Apparently they were from a litter of 5 all of whom were trying to be sold by a native – unsuccessfully – a couple of days before that. So these two were just dumped.

Yesturday I took them to Dr Dorothea Fritz’s animal rescue and vets surgery to see if they could take them in. They couldn’t and the rescue center is now closed for the whole of January. They did however give them a general health check, the results of which are:- General health appears good – their temperatures were normal. They are about 8 weeks old of unknown breed/s – expected to mature to between small and medium sized adults.
They received ‘Frontline’ anti-flea treatment and are also now having a course of worming tablets. They can be neutured from 3 months and begin their innoculation programme around the same time.

The dynamic duo are: A bitch who has been called ‘Katie’ – light brown fur with pale brown eyes.
A dog who has been called ‘Teilo’ – tricolour coloured fur with dark brown eyes. Now that they have been fed, watered and warmed, they are bright, alert, keen, and already making efforts on the house-training front.
Does anyone know of someone/a family who would like these two?
I know that this is a big ask but we cannot keep them; our circumstances don’t allow it nor does the time frame for innoculations/pet passport quirements.
All the kit that they now have (bowls, food, bedding, dirt box and pads) will be going with them.

With many thanks. Becky Masters

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