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What is Honor?


Our recent trip to feed the dogs at an area shelter brought me face-to-face with this lovely lady (the one to the left).

Clearly old, slow moving, maybe hard of hearing. Possibly addled from the confusion and frustration of being incarcerated with 70 other yapping, barking, wailing dogs.

She very much reminded me of my own Tjojs: the heart still willing, but the body wearing out and that causing frustration and saddness.

I knew immediately that I wanted to provide this lady a proper final time on this earth.

My estimate is that in her current living conditions, or where the authorities will put her when she is taken from the current shelter, is less than 3 months. With luck, and love, we could possibly give her over 6 months, and a condition fitting for such a matriarch.

Current drama and the ongoing situation is complicating things to make this happen. Still, there is a chance, and we will work to make it happen.

Please keep “Lupa” and AWL in your Amore prayers.

Photos Copyright (C) 2008, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.
Text Copyright (C) 2008, Mia Mattsson-Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

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