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Truffle & Hunty


My sweet stray dogs Truffle & Hunty. Still feeding them nearly every day.
I miei dolcissimi randagi Truffle e Hunty. Li diamo ancora da mangiare quasi ogni giorno.

They are both full of Amore. When I see them, my heart is being pumped by love, and when leaving them, my heart is cloaked in sadness.
Amore, Amore why is amore painful so many times?
Sono due cani pieni di amore, quando li vedo il mio cuore si riempia con tanto amore, e quando li devo lasciare la mi si spezza invece dalla tristezza.. Ma perche amore deve fare cosi male ?

2 thoughts on “Truffle & Hunty

  1. Mia

    Thank you crazyBunnyLady for your comment about AWL “kids” Truffle and Hunty are now more friendly and jumping…even a little voff/bark from Hunty always been so shy and quiet.


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