Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Another Dog Dumped


It breaks my heart–and those of so many others–to see a wonderful dog that has had a former home and family, but is now out on the street. No home, no food, no health care, no love.
Animals Without Limits was asked if we could help Rottweiler Bruna–living on the street–to get sterilized. You could see she had already had puppies many times, and we needed to keep it from happening again. Could we also re-home her?
I picked up Bruna and the woman that feeds her on the street. With eyes full of worries Flavia the woman, was so totally concerned about what would happen to Bruna after recovering at the vet. clinic. I could well understand her, Bruna, a loving and very polite dog was snuggling up to us while we were talking. A gentle lick on my hand, and with brown, watery, begging eyes she asked for just a little. “Just” a home!
Flavia don’t want to put her back on the street, many people get afraid when they see a lose Rottweiler and they could go out of their way to hit her!
Please help us help Bruna with Amore, she is a sweet dog, one who doesn’t deserve to be cast to chance on these mean streets. She needs a loving family that will receive her love in ample return.
Amore and Amore.

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