Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Gianni a True Amore Dog


Gianni (the dog in the picture) is around 1 year old. He was roaming around on the busy street here in Italy. Antionetta, who owns the nearby dog store gave him food and water, and of course plenty of Amore. He was taken to the veterinarian by Animals Without Limits (AWL); got castrated, de-wormed and frontline. Brought back by AWL to the dog store where he could sleep over during the night(s). During the day he laid outside the store and when I walked by to escort Olivia to her school, he would follow us. Together with me we walked back to the dog store, where he laid waiting for the next person to escort. Such a sweetheart!

Vittoria (pictured) and her boyfriend went to the dog store to give him a foster home, and during that time Gianni could play with their other dog, Camille.

Gianni is ready for a permanent home! He is young, energetic, loving, child friendly, good with other dogs and full of curiosity to explore the world together with YOU.

For more Amore information about Gianni, contact me .

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