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Let’s Hope


After many days of working with rescuing strays I promised my dogs that today would be their day. Trooper, our beige Labrador and I need to bond so I thought why not go with me for a walk on the beach?

Trooper is a one year-old loving goof with a lot of energy; and with blue sky and sunshine, a babysitter to Max we went down to the beach.

We had just walked 30 meters when Trooper stops and indicates there is something along a nearby fence.

Of course, I walk over!

It was a terrible view, my hands started to shake. There, half buried in the sand with his head stuck under the fence, was the skinniest Dalmatian I have ever seen. It was just skin and bones! The pictures don’t even begin to show how horrible he looked, wedged under the fence and too exhausted to get free. He was shaking so much and looking at me with his beautiful eyes, begging for kindness.

I could count his ribs, his back hip bones were standing up, he couldn’t walk — that’s how weak he was. I thought that maybe he had his back bones broken?
I called Angie, a Scottish volunteer for Animals Without Limits, and she agreed to meet me for help. I passed Antionetta, the dog-store lady, while I was on my way to drop poor Trooper off at home–so much for our bonding.

Antionetta had a bottom of a cage that we brought with us, and we returned to the beach. Thanks to my wonderful helpers we were able to lift him up on the steel plate with blankets and carry him back to the SUV. Even if the Dalmatian was a skin and bone 20kg, it was heavy walking in the sand. Five men glared at us but no one approached to help.

Off to LegaProAnimale and in the warm SUV and one hour of rest he was able to walk barely, but what a sight! Oscar –working name–so sweet and wanted to cuddle up to me the whole time, his closed mouth was sniffing in my hair. He is the most fantastic, gentle, loving, thankful dog I have met in a long time.

He had an American microchip…..maybe tomorrow we will know more about “Oscar.”

Lets Hope for Amore solution, and Amore recovery!

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