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A Wonderful Animal Story


I wrote about “Dustflake” last Thursday, September 4 th, that was found by friend and AWL sponsor/supporter Ylva, brought in their parco, then to LegaProAnimale for check and fix up.

Last Monday we picked her up, and it was a happy, playful and energetic “new”dog. I have never seen such a transformation in such a short time.

Ylva tells me she is wonderful. No accidents inside, she follows them, sleeps on her little bed in her “private” area inside the house. Nils, (pictured) she adores, and curls up to him, she doesn’t say or do anything when he with his toddler hands pulls her leg or fur.

I always get amazed, and it never stops surprising me, how fantastic these “former” strays are, coming in from a life on the street, and adjust themselves with great love and admiration for their new family.

By the way, her name is WILMA

More people should see this, and explore it too. This is fantastico Amore!

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