Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

AWL Donations Distributed


Together with Animals Without Limits volunteer Chris, we today delivered eight (8) bags of food, collars and leashes and two new blankets to the Cimitero per Animali (Cemetery for animals).

I have earlier on this blog told you about this beautiful and peaceful place, and how the “stray animals” there are comforting and healing you through your grief. The cimitero owners are taking care of an ever-growing group of strays — dogs and cats — as well as providing solace to the grieving owners who bring their companions here for a final rest. AWL is helping these strays together with the cimitero per animali owners Lisa and Anna with some donations.

They want these dogs to have a warm loving family and would love for people to be able to adopt them. They will of course be spayed & neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed and with a beautiful collar. The grey Mastiff in the picture is a loving goof and ready to be loved forever by a family. There are three (3) Dalmatians, and some “fur balls” of joy.

Yes we do not do the adoptions, but when being asked we or course want to help, by letting the words travel to your computer, and your heart.

Are you ready for some Amore?

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