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New Project: Supermarket Dogs


Animals Without Limits are looking at a new project since this is starting to become a big problem for the strays “hanging” outside big supermarket areas. The heat is incredible, not just for the humans but also for the animals.

The dogs are seeking shade, and places with air conditioning likely in between the doors into the stores. Some people find it annoying seeing the dogs laying there–many don’t like to be reminded by the sight of dirty, homeless dogs. One person told me that it reminded her of seeing dirty, homeless people. She could never face them, she felt uncomfortable.

So the Animal Control gets involved to “clean” up the situation and the dogs end up in the “shelters of no return” were they will sit locked in the dark, among hundreds or thousands of their fellow prisoners. With little hope of adoption or freedom — a life sentence until the light goes away forever behind their eyes — they will languish in inhumane conditions to earn the shelter-owners Euro 3.00 per day per head from the government.

Everything that has life, should always be treated with respect.

Sabine–AWL volunteer — and I went and looked for the three dogs that are now hanging around this Super Market. It breaks your heart that you cannot do more for them quickly, before the Animal Control arrives.

We bought dog food (took the trash with us when we left) a bowl, and water bottles. Gave them Expot (a topical insect repellent) to prevent them from insects bites that are an enormous problem here.

We also talked to one of the stores, closest to one dog, and asked her to call AWL as soon as possible if she saw the Animal Control.

Our goal is to do something for these three dogs. Yes, you cannot save them all, but I was told a story from a friend when I was saying the same thing (see if I remember it correctly):

‘The beach was full of starfish and a little boy was picking up one by one and tossing them back into the ocean.

His father came up next to him and said, “Son, it is no use, you cannot save them all.”

The son looked up at his father and answered, “You tell that to the starfish that are now back in the sea!

That is why we try! Hopefully we all can see the Amore!

(More to come on the Ipercoop dogs!)

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